All i ask in return is a cool experience in your home town or something that keeps me travelling. Past exchanges have been a place to stay, art supplies or extreme sport adventures
  • From Aaron Bell  Austin, United States Aug 15, 2011 Met in person Couchsurfing Friend,  Hosted 24 days Traveled 10 days

    Pete responded to a "local's tour" poster i put up in the local hostel. He paid for a day of rock climbing and hit it off with my friends and ended up staying with us the better part of a month. We hitchhiked from Texas - NC together, and did every possible outdoor activity together in Austin. Hes a good dude and gets along with everyone easily. Hes a math teacher, basketball coach, and a veteran traveler. I have confidently passed him on to friends couches and would definitely host him again. He's sure to return the favor in london someday.

  • From Liene Mingailite  Riga, Latvia Sep 26, 2011 Met in person Good Friend,  Surfed 6 days

    Peter is amazing. I am so lucky that he was my first host, because he is just one of those "worth to know" people. He is very suave, creative and with very good sense of humor. I hope to see you soon, you are very welcome to Latvia :)

  • From Jan Majnik  Menges, Slovenia Oct 30, 2011 Met in person Good Friend,  Surfed 3 days

    He's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He teaches math, and is a very good artist at the same time!! How cool is that? Very open minded, creative, cool hats & stlye, and easy going! Wish we could stay a bit more time, and had more money to go to a pub or something. So instead we chillaxed, watched a few movies. I really like his flat and his wall with comics. I like his sense of humour and we even made sushi!! All in all a very cool guy! Hope to see you again! Swim away fugu fish, swim awaay!! :D